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Spirit Sanctuaries
Harriet Tubman Wright

SoulPlay Camp Sessions:

SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Hoopin' Fun Reset Moment!
Harriet Tubman Wright: Hula Hoop Play!
Hoopin' Harriet
Runs: 1:00

SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Reset Moment:
Sacred Space: Harriet Tubman Wright

Runs: 1:47

SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Reset Moment:
Sacred Space: Harriet Tubman Wright
Sacred Harriet

Runs: 3:03

SoulPlay Play Date! SoulPlay Play Date!
Playing, Pretending, and Hooping
with Harriet Tubman Wright!
Playing with Harriet

Runs 10:15


SoulPlay Expression Session! SoulPlay Expression Session:
Harriet Tubman Wright building a Woman's Altar

Harriets Altar
Runs 7:27


SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop: SoulPlay Altar

Harriet Tubman Wright & Laurie Story
building a SoulPlay Altar

SoulPlay Altar
Runs 15:03


SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
SoulPlay: Overground Railroad w/Founding Conductors
Luisah Teish, Harriet Tubman Wright & Julia Stege
What is the OVERground railroad? Meet the founding conductors and find out!

Overground Railroad
Runs: 18:50

Spirit Sanctuaries Camp Counselor
Harriet Tubman Wright

Harriet Tubman Wright
“Just as Harriet Tubman was called
to free hundreds of people from the bondage of slavery, I am called to help heal, empower and transform individuals by creating a safe and supportive environment to create, serve, prosper and evolve. As we attain sustainable balance and harmony between our inner and outer environments, and experience deeper joy and peace within, we can and will heal ourselves and our planet.”
~ Harriet Tubman Wright
Harriet is one of the founders of the Overground Railroad working to implement creative ways to liberate individuals and groups from BodyMindSpirit enslavement.

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA Director of The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, is an accomplished Phenomenal Life Empowerment Coach, Transformational Speaker, Author, Workshop Facilitator, and Metaphysician, who empowers you to enrich your life. She engages business, professional and cultural groups with her dynamic Signature Talks on Stress Release & Self-Care, Money Mastery Matters and Leadership Legacy. Harriet shares her interactive, informative and inspiring presentations at live events and online events, through which she connects with and motivates her audiences to be liberated, enriched and fulfilled through conscious decisive action. She creates a safe space for deep sharing, engaging audiences with humor and wisdom, while providing practical tools and tips, empowering them to create positive change in their lives, organizations and businesses. Harriet also facilitates interactive BodyMindSpirit Empowerment Salons employing her unique Signature Success System of Holistic Health Practices, Expressive Arts and Sacred Ritual to vitalize and uplift participants. Empowerment Salon topics include: Altar Your Life with Spirit & Style – A Hands-On Experience; Evolve Your Intentions, Live Your Purpose; Release Stress, Create Serenity – Simple Tools for Healthy Living; Transform Your Relationship With Money; Time to Create, Play and Have Fun – An Expressive Arts Experience.

Harriet’s book, Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women provides tools, strategies and practices that support you to restore BodyMindSpirit alignment and balance, and cultivate a home and workplace environment to maintain optimal health and well-being.

You can download Harriet's free Spiritual Guide for Changemakers at:

Harriet is a Founding Conductor on the Overground Railroad, an association dedicated to the abolition of slavery in all its forms. While the primary directive is liberation from physical bondage, it also seeks to promote conscious awareness and action that frees the human spirit and encourages growth and creativity, thereby serving to maximize human potential.


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