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Growing Spirits Kate Beddow
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SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Reset Moment:

An Excerpt from Kate Beddow's
Wishing In The Woods: Magical Listening!

Kate Beddow Magical Listening
Runs 2:35

SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date! Woods Walk!

An Excerpt from Kate Beddow's
Wishing In The Woods!
Wish Walk

Runs 5:12


SoulPlayCampfire! SoulPlay Campfire!
Growing Spirits Kate Beddow brings us the Gruffalo Story
from her UK Play Day, Wishing In The Woods
Snake In My Birthday Cake Laurie StorEBook!

Kate Reads
Snake In My Birthday Cake Laurie StorEBook
Runs 18:21

SoulPlayCampfire! SoulPlay Campfire!
Growing Spirits' Kate Beddow shares a storybook
from her magical Wishing In The Woods day of play!

Good Book A Singing Laurie StorEBook!
Kate ReadsGood Book Laurie StorEBook

Runs 9:46


SoulPlay PlayShop! Magical PlayShop:

Wishing In The Woods!
Growing Spirit Kids Kate Beddow hosted a very special
day in the UK to share with us here at SoulPlay!

Thank you Kate & magical friends!
Kate Beddow's Wishing In The Woods!

Runs 30:00

SoulPlay Camp Counselor
Growing Spirits Kate Beddow

Growing Spirit Kate Beddow
Kate Beddow, founder of Growing Spirits, is passionate about helping parents and professionals understand how using healing, relaxation and creativity can keep children happy, healthy and calm. Kate educates families about natural health and energy healing techniques to keep all children happy and healthy. She has written a range of ebooks, meditations and writes regularly for magazines and online publications. Kate provides treatments and activities for children and is passionate about supporting parents through her website and members site.
Kate BeddowAfter being diagnosed with a pituitary tumour in 2007, Kate began to look into natural healing techniques in order to keep herself and discovered Reiki. She completed her Reiki training in 2010 along with a Spiritual Care counselling course and having completed her teacher training years earlier the picture was finally complete and Kate decided to specialise in working with children. Kate has trained many people in her unique children’s healing approach and has students and clients in 16 countries. Kate is an inspirational teacher and her passion for her work is contagious. Her friendly, approachable nature make her attractive to children and parents alike.
Kate & Kids
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