Leaping Literacy Laurie's Stories!

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SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop: SoulPlay Altar

Harriet Tubman Wright & Laurie Story
building a SoulPlay Altar

SoulPlay Altar Runs 15:03 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
Harp Shaman Cymber Lily Quinn
Mini Concert

Runs: 12:41 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
Storyteller & Underground Railroad Founder
Luisah Teish: Nature Art
Nature Stories
Runs 6:52

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
Internationally known storyteller Luisah Teish treats us to a
storytelling concert that includes the Underground Railroad
and an introduction to the Overground Railroad: Railroad Stories!
Storytelling Teish Railroad Runs 23:37 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
SoulPlay: Overground Railroad w/Founding Conductors
Luisah Teish, Harriet Tubman Wright & Julia Stege
What is the OVERground railroad? Meet the founding conductors and find out!

Overground Railroad Runs 18:50 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment! PlayShops!

Color Me Yoga & Author Marsha Therese Danzig
reads her book, The Tiniest Acorn:

The Tiniest Acorn Runs: 8:54 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment! PlayShops!

Celebrating Shero Marsha Therese Danzig!
Marsha Shero Runs: 5:59 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment!Imagine PlayShop!
SoulPlayShop: Magic Storytelling Carpet
Ruth Humphrey's Original Story!

UK Storyteller Librarian & SoulPlay Camp Counselor
Ruth Humphreys
shares her oh so magical original story!

Ruth Humphreys CampfireRuth Humphreys Campfire Runs 29:34 HERE

SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop

Jean Kathryn Carlson: Out Of Hiding!
Jean Kathryn Runs 14:43 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop!
Color Read!
Sylvestor & The Magic Pebble!
Book by William Steig,
Read by Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson & Laurie Story!

JKSylvestor Runs 13:24 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! Magical PlayShop:

Wishing In The Woods!
Growing Spirit Kids Kate Beddow hosted a very special
day in the UK to share with us here at SoulPlay!

Thank you Kate & magical friends!
Kate Beddow's Wishing In The Woods!
Runs 30:00 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment! Author PlayShop!
Wendy FedanCreate~A~Way Wendy Fedan
speaks to us about writing and publishing the Weird Series!

Here are 2 Audios from Wendy Fedan!
She reads us a chapter, "Let's Pretend"
from her book, Wearing My Weird!

Wendy FedanWendy's Book Chapter Runs 11:11 HERE!

Wendy's Audio Author Interview
Runs 18:46 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment! Strong Hearts PlayShop!
Hearts That Care:
Dr. Angi's Life Path & Anti-Bullying!
Anti-Bullying Dr. Angi
Runs 15:57 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop: Color Play!
Wake Up Your Magic
Trust Flower with Susan Guild!

SusanG Flowers
Suz's Book, Flower Art & Giveaways too ~
when Laurie Story visits SuZQ, her home, town & neighbors!

Runs: 20:10 HERE!

SoulPlayPlayShop Soul Play PlayShop:

Marney MakridakisArtellaLand Marney Makridakis
from her book on PLAY:
Hop Skip Jump!
Marney's Audio MP3 HERE!

Creating Time!

Our Special SoulPlay Time with Marney Makridakis,
her son Kai, & her book, Creating Time!
MarneyTime Runs: 10:09 HERE

SoulPlay Reset Moment!Author PlayShop
Losing Ama, Finding Home
Audio Mp3 HERE
~ 18:45 minutes
Nestle In & Listen to Beautiful Uma's Voice & Wisdom!

SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop: Play!
Storytelling: Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe FolkLife Festival ~ China ~
Washington DC, July 2014

WuOpera Runs 9:58 HERE!

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