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Uma GirishGrief Counselor Uma Girish
SoulPlay Camp Sessions:

SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Wonderful 2 minute
Audio Reset Moment ~ Runs 1:57
from Grief Guide Uma Girish:
Play Games with Life & Death: Chutes & Ladders!

Uma GirishPlay games!Play games!


Grief Guide Uma Girish
& Laurie Story Play Grief Games!

SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date!Blue Fish!
Grief Guide Uma Girish & Laurie Story play pretend!
Audio Mp3 ~ 11:41 minutes


SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date!
Uma Girish Audio: Grief Games!

This wonderful sharing is about signs from our loved ones who have died.
We also play a game where we get messages for the SoulPlay Camp
from Laurie Story's friend Ranger Bob Kellar who died last year
as well as the 'CEO' of SoulPlay, Mr. Rogers!
Is there anyone you would like a message from?
Tune in to try this fun game!

Little Engine That Could
Ranger Bob Keller
That Could
Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers

PLAY with us HERE! ~ 20:45 minutes

Uma Girish
Honoring & Reading from
Author & Grief Guide Uma Girish:
Author Talk & Excerpts from
Losing Ama, Finding Home

SoulPlay Reset Moment! Author PlayShop
Audio Mp3 ~ 18:45 minutes
Nestle In & Listen to
Beautiful Uma's Voice & Wisdom:

Losing Ama, Finding Home

SoulPlay Camp Grief Counselor Uma Girish
Uma Girish
Uma Girish
Grief Guide Author & Radio Show Host

Uma Girish is a Grief Guide, Dream Coach, Author, Speaker and Bereavement Volunteer in a hospice. Her writing has been published in seven countries and several of her short stories
have won awards. Uma’s eBook “Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving” is available on Amazon. Her transformational memoir “Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours” has been published by Hay House. Uma also writes a blog called The Grammar of Grief and hosts a weekly radio show by the same name. Find out more at at Uma's website!

Losing Ama

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