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Author/Illustrator Create~A~Way
Wendy Fedan

SoulPlay Camp Sessions:

SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Reset Moment:
Wendy FedanWendy Fedan: Imagine!
Runs 1:01
Audio File ~ Have a Listen

SoulPlay Play Date! Play Dates!
Wendy FedanCreate~A~Way Wendy Fedan
Plays Pretend with Laurie Story
in this Audio: Let's Pretend Play!

Runs 10:25


SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date!
Wendy Fedan shares her children Rose & Jack
with their 'Create~A~Way' fun with water balloons!

Runs 5:16


SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date!
Wendy Fedan shares her children Rose & Jack
and their 'Create~A~Way' fun with a cup castle!

Cup Castle
Runs 2:39

SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date: Shoelace Fun!
Create~A~Way Wendy Fedan and her adorable kids,
Rose & Jack are playing with a shoelace and naming the shapes.
Great imaginative fun ~ you can try this at home!

Shoelace Fun
Runs: 5:17


SoulPlay Reset Moment! Author PlayShops!
Wendy FedanCreate~A~Way Wendy Fedan
speaks to us about writing and publishing the Weird Series!

Here are 2 Audios from Wendy Fedan!
Wendy's Book Chapter Runs 11:11
She reads us a chapter, "Let's Pretend"
from her book, Wearing My Weird!

Wendy Fedan
Wendy's Audio Author Interview

Runs 18:46

SoulPlay Expression Sessions! Expression Sessions!
Bookmaking with Create~A~Way
Wendy Fedan's Rose & Jack!

Runs 11:26


Wendy FedanCreate~A~Way Wendy Fedan
speaks to us about being a professional illustrator!

We invite SoulPlay Campers to share their art & encouragment!
Wendy's Audio Illustrator Interview

Runs 15:05

From Wendy's YouTube Channel:

A short, fun, silent, moondala art video +
a longer showing of Wendy's caricature process.


Carrick-a-Tures Presents: My Caricature Process

Thank you Wendy!

SoulPlay Camp Counselor,
Create~A~Way Wendy Fedan!

Wendy FedanWendy Fedan is a professional illustrator in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1996 with a BFA in Illustration and a Minor in Creative Writing. Wendy is a frequent blogger and has had her writing published in various e-zines and printed books as a contributor. In the past year she has Indie Published her book series, "Wearing My Weird," and has helped other people through the process of publishing their books as well.

Wendy is also a mom of Jack and Rose, helping them in their creative expressions.
She will share her gifts as creative, playful mom & minister of inspiration, as well as professional author/illustrator
with us here at the SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp!
Wendy Fedan
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