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SoulPlay Shine!
SoulPlay Shine!
SoulPlay Shine!
~ Activations, Vibrations
& Co-Creations!

Celebrate your essence of creativity, infinity & divinity.
Let your soul come out to play!

Our SoulPlay Shelf is stocked with hundreds of videos & inspirations from our online summer camp which featured a roster of Guest Artists,
Healers, Musicians, Teachers & Soul Reachers
never before or since assembled in one place!

Laurie Story
SoulPlay Shine!
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Rise & Shine
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Rise & Shine
Angi Orobko Anne Baker Charmaine Quintana
Cymber Lily Harriet Tubman Wright Jan Cercone
Jean Kathryn Carlson
Julia Stege Kate Beddow
Luisah Teish
Marney Makridakis Marsha T Danzig
Michelle Peticolas Rachel Flower Ruth Humphreys
Surprised Guests Susan Guild
Teen Talents
Uma Girish Wendy Fedan SoulPlay!