Leaping Literacy Reconstructurists
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Peaceful Reconstructionists
What Did They Do?

Match the following actions with each Peaceful Reconstructionist. Read about the work, then put the letter of the Reconstructionist who did the work. Use each letter only once!

Use the Capital Letter

BWangari Maathai
CJohn Francis
DMajora Carter
George Washington Carver
Wangari Maathai
John Francis
Majora Carter

Which Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionist was born a slave
yet was known as 'The Plant Dr.' by age 7 and lived to be one of the
greatest scientists & botanists of all time

Which of our Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionists began the
Greening The Ghetto movement?

Which of our
Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionists founded the Green Belt Movement empowering others to plant more than 20 million trees?

Which Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionist is known as 'PlanetWalker'
for walking the earth as a lifestyle choice and teaching tool?

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