Leaping Literacy Reconstructurists
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Peaceful Reconstructionists
Fascinating Facts:
What Did They Have In Common?

Match the following facts with the Peaceful Reconstructionists.
For each listing, put the letters of the Reconstructionists who match the facts. You'll use each letter more than once!

Use the Capital Letter!
BWangari Maathai
CJohn Francis
DMajora Carter
George Washington Carver
Wangari Maathai
John Francis
Majora Carter

1. Which of our Reconstructionists walked miles and miles to register and attend schools,
and in spite of great odds both taught university classes

2. Which of our Reconstructionists had powerful green movements for the care of the environment as well as for the civil rights of the people living in the environments they were caring for? &

3. Which of our Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionists are on postage stamps?

4. Which of our Reconstructionists taught farmers to plant
and better utilize the soil and land they were planting?

5. Which of our Peaceful Environmental Reconstructionists
spent significant time in silence, listening?

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