Sacred Holy; entitled to reverence & respect.
Awareness Having or showing realization, perception, knowledge.
Also, observing with alertness, & to be awake and conscious.

Alert and present to holy presence and essence;
the alchemy of perceiving divinity in reality.




Start seeing the ordinary as extraordinary!
Plant Seeds Of Sacred Awareness!
What sacred something can you celebrate today?! See how many ordinary things
you can see the sacred in. Each time, whisper, sing or shout, "I celebrate you!"

StarAffirm: I am planting seeds of sacred awareness.
I am setting my eyes to see the sacred and to celebrate in it!
Ask to see the sacred.
Then keep your eyes open;
especially the eyes of your heart!

I am aware of the sacred presence
of life everywhere, in everything!

Get Out for Nature Walks!
Sacred Earth WalkWith mystical merry mirth, walk the Sacred Earth!


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